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The W.V. Mushroom Club was founded to promote fellowship and communication among everyone interested in mushrooms and other fungi.

2014 Fungal Fest, Feast & Foray

Holy smokes - it's been raining every day at the foray site and mushrooms are finally coming up.  Hope you can come up too!!!!

Join Alissa Allen, Gary Lincoff, Donna Mitchell, Bill Roody, Noah Siegel, Walt Sturgeon, Kyle Weaner, and the West Virginia Destroying Angels for our 10th annual Fungal Fest, Feast & Foray Friday and Saturday, July 25 & 26, 2014.

Foray Fees:  The foray fee is $50 per person.  If you can spare some time to help out with registration, sales, moving chairs, chopping stuff, or any of the other things that need to be done, the foray fee for volunteers is $25 per person and we promise that you won't miss any of the fun or action.

Location: For the 3rd straight year, our foray headquarters will be at the Dry Fork Assembly of God fellowship hall (not the church), which is located on Route 32, roughly 4 miles south of Canaan Valley State Park and 5 miles north of Harman, WV. (GPS coordinates 38.57.29-N 79.29.53-W)

Earlybird Freestyle Foray Friday Afternoon: The fun begins Friday July 25th. Since Alissa's mushroom dye workshop takes place at the same time as the foray walks Saturday morning, some people have asked if we could help coordinate a mini foray walk Friday afternoon.  If you plan to arrive early Friday afternoon, we can hook you up with others who want to go out on a walk and suggest a good trail in the area. For obvious reasons, we will recommend trails that will not be used for the Saturday morning forays.  Bruce Boyer of MAW very generously volunteered to lead a walk Friday afternoon.  If you are interested in joining him, please click here to email and let us know your planned arrival time.

Friday Evening Activities: When you arrive Friday evening, you can pick up your registration package, sign up for one of our Saturday morning foray walks, say hello to friends you met during previous forays, drop off any mushrooms you brought with you for ID and be among the first to purchase one of the absolutely gorgeous 10th anniversary T-shirts designed by artist and former WVMC President Sam Norris.

Friday Evening Optional Pizza and Salad Party:  We will be getting our hand-tossed pizzas from the same local restaurant that provided them last year.  The salad bar will be freshly assembled by our kitchen volunteers and will include vegetarian and vegan choices.  We’re asking for a donation of $5.00 per person based on what it cost us last year.  We were able to get some gluten free pizza crusts this year, which we will make ourselves.  As usual, we’ll have some lactose free and vegetarian pizzas available.  Lemonade, Iced Tea and water will be provided as well.  Anybody wishing to bring something sweet for dessert will be automatically elevated to the fungal equivalent of Prom King or Queen.

Friday Night’s Speaker: The Fabulous Walt Sturgeon: At 7pm Friday evening there will be a beautiful and informative slide presentation by our friend Walt Sturgeon. Walt is a well-respected photographer and identifier of Appalachian fungi.  He is the official Mushroom Guru to the Ohio Mushroom Society, the author of a really handy mushroom field guide, and an honorary WV Spo Ho.  His presentation, “The world of Fabulous Fungi,” is just what we need to get the ball rolling for a foray where we can see beautiful parts of nature, have some fun, and learn something at the same time.  Walt's presentation is open to all foray registrants, not just those who opt for the pizza and salad dinner.


Saturday morning Activities: We will resume registration at 8:30 am Saturday morning.  You will have a choice of attending Alissa Allen's mushroom dye workshop or going out on a small guided walk to hunt for mushrooms from 9:15am until noon. 

Alissa Allen’s Fungal Rainbow: We are honored and excited to have Alissa Allen on our faculty this year.  This is your chance to learn about some of the unique and beautiful things you can create using mushrooms, lichens and other fungi to dye yarns, fabrics, and who knows what else.  This workshop will be limited to 20 attendees, so please send in your foray fee and registration form ASAP if you are interested.  There is no need to bring anything – Alissa will provide all necessary materials.  For an idea of the treats in store for you, visit click here to visit Alissa Allen's website.

Foray walks Saturday morning:

a walk with Gary Lincoff (Full, but you can be waitlisted)

a photographer's dream walk with Noah Siegel (limited to 8 people)

a mushroom/birder walk with Diane Holsinger

an off-the-beaten-path scenic adventure walk with Chip Chase or with Charlie Aller

and several easy-paced, beginner and intermediate walks to choose from.

Saturday Lunch: This year we are going to offer hot dogs and simple sandwiches (PB&J) in exchange for a small donation, as a convenience to our attendees and as a fundraiser for the club.  Our goal is to accommodate people who are camping or in a hotel room with no refrigerator and those who want to avoid wasting their lunch hour driving to and from Canaan Valley just to get a sandwich. We think some attendees might enjoy grabbing a quick bite to eat while they walk around and study the display tables or chat with each other or with one of our identifiers.  If you are interested, please click here to email and let us know, so we can be sure we have enough food for everybody.  The WV Mushroom Club is a non profit organization and all proceeds from foray fees, memberships, sales and donations go towards future forays.

Lunchtime Shitake Workshop: If you want to learn a little something and make your own foray souvenier while you eat lunch, you can attend Paul Goland’s shitake mushroom workshop from 12:15 till 1:00 pm.  For $10 you can inoculate a log yourself and then take it home with you.  Not only will you have a flush of shitakes sometime after the foray, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to cultivate more whenever the spirit moves you.  If interested, please click here to email to reserve a spot, so we can be sure Paul has enough logs for everybody interested in attending. 

The One and Only Gary Lincoff: At 1:00 pm, international mushroom expert and author Gary Lincoff will regale us with colorful stories and photos during his presentation:  Gary Lincoff - Fungi in India.  Get ready for one of the most fun, interesting, and educational presentations you’ve ever witnessed.  Gary’s latest mushroom identification and foraging books will be available for purchase and he will be happy to sign them for you.  What a treat to meet the man himself – He is the very model of an amateur mycologist (click here for more Gary Lincoff's lighthearted, lyrical, yet totally accurate poem).

But wait!  Don't put away that sitar yet!  At 2:30 Kyle Weaner will present a cooking demonstration guaranteed to lure you into the exotic world of Indian cuisine.  You’ll learn about the various healing properties and layers of flavor each ingredient can add to your life and your culinary repertoire.  Many of us believe that we don’t like Indian food because we don’t like the taste or smell of curry, which is sort of like saying we don’t like American food because we don’t like the taste of BBQ sauce.  India is a vast nation with a diversity of cuisine that varies by geographic location, culture, family tradition, etc.  BTW, If anybody has a CD of Indian music, please bring it along to add another dimension to the experience.

Wild Mushroom Tasting: When Kyle is finished, we'll serve a sampling of various wild mushroom dishes prepared fresh just for you.  As usual, there will be something for our vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten free friends.

Review of Mushrooms and other Fungi Collected: At 4pm, Gary Lincoff, Noah Siegel and Walt Sturgeon will take turns teaching us about each group of fungi and their identifying characteristics.  We’ll learn how to identify some of the deadly poisonous mushrooms (like the Destroying Angel) commonly found in our area and we'll get a few tips on how to distinguish some of the local edibles from their inedible, dangerous, or poisonous look-alikes.

And then comes the part you've waited for all day - clean up starts at 5pm!  That's your chance to mingle with the identifiers and friends you've made during the foray.  As with all forays everywhere in the world – even India – everybody gets to help.

Sales Table, Books, Loupes, and other irresistible items: Don't forget your credit card or checkbook.  We do our best to stock our sales tables with items of interest to mushroom lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  There will be something for everybody, including mushroom identification books written by our identifiers (who will be happy to sign them for you) and magnifying loupes, to help you see cortina remnants, eyelash fungi, bird nest fungi and other interesting or identifying details on the cap, stem, and underside or other parts of fungi.  We'll also have limited edition WVMC 10th anniversary T-shirts for sale, designed by artist and former WVMC President Sam Norris.  To purchase a WVMC 10th Anniversary T-Shirt using Paypal, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will have the option of picking up the T-shirt when you arrive at the foray or paying $4.00 postage and we'll mail it to you.

Silent Auction: As part of our annual fundraiser, we will have a live or silent auction including baskets, books, and other outdoor or mushroom related items.  This will be your chance to get some real bargains.  We will try to post photos of the items on the WV Mushroom Club Facebook Group page ahead of time.  If you have any old mushroom T-shirts, mushroom books, or other items you'd like to donate to our auction, we would really appreciate it.  Again, the WV Mushroom club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We do not stockpile money.  The items you donate, the things you buy, and the foray fees you pay all go to help organize and improve our next foray. 

We Need You! We're in desperate need of volunteers this year.  You do not have to know anything at all about mushrooms to help.  There are several places, like the sales table and registration desk, where you can lend a hand just by folding shirts or showing people where to sign their registration forms.   If you can spare at least an hour, we would love to have you on our team as a volunteer.  In return, you'll have our sincere gratitude and you'll pay only $25.00 foray fee.  That's half-price!

Foray Walk Leaders Needed:   If you would like to lead a foray walk, please click here to volunteer.  While it helps to have some basic knowledge of fungi to lead a foray walk, the main job of a foray walk leader is to return to the foray headquarters with the same number of people that went out with you.  In addition to our sincere appreciation and a discounted foray fee of $25.00, foray walk leaders will also receive free club membership and free lunch.  

Lodging and camping:

Please remember that the foray fee of $50 per person does not include meals or lodging.

This year, the foray takes place the same weekend as the Canaan Valley State Park Brewskies Festival. If you want to attend Brewskies Friday, it costs $30 and the music goes on from 3pm till after midnight  (click here for more info about Brewskies Festival).  They give you a bracelet for readmission, so you can come over for the pizza social and/or Walt's talk and return for more music afterwards. If a non-mycophile friend will accompany you, but isn't interested in attending the foray, the Brewskies admission price for Saturday is $50.  The music starts at noon and continues until the wee hours of the morning.  Weekend passes are available.

Because of the festival, both Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls State Park Lodges are fully booked.  We have heard that other local places, such as The Windwood Fly-In Resort, Black Bear Resort, and Canaan Village are also full. Please check with the Tucker County Visitor's Bureau (304) 359-5315 for info about available lodgine or camping. You can check for reviews on lodging at

Cell Phone info: The foray headquarters is located in a national radio quiet zone (click here to learn all about it) which means you will not have cell phone service at the foray headquarters.  Your cell phone will work in Canaan Valley and in Harman and it may even work on some of the foray trails. 

Travel checklist:  Don't forget to bring lunch, water, snacks, camera, insect repellent, sunscreen, basket for mushrooms, dollar store poncho, sweater, sunglasses, hat.  If you're on the mushroom/birder walk, don't forget your binoculars.

Mushrooms you bring from home:  We love it when attendees bring mushrooms from home.  I mean, we really love it.  It’s our chance to see what’s fruiting in other parts of our region and sometimes an opportunity to see mushrooms that rarely or never fruit in our area.  And, of course, there’s always the possibility of having some more edibles to include in our tasting.  If you would like for us to ID any mushrooms you find around your home or along the way, please bring them with you.  We will have a special table set up just for mushrooms brought in from out of the area.  Please place the mushrooms on a paper plate and write down where they came from (under elm tree in city park in Baltimore, in a meadow in Morgantown, on dead oak stump in Charleston, etc.), write down your name (in case we have a question) and, if you want the mushrooms back, please write "Save for Shelly Conrad" (using your own name, of course.) on the plate.

Suggestions:  Our goal is to make the foray better each year.  Please email us at and let us know if you have any thoughts on how we can improve your foray experience this year. 

Registration: The agenda and schedule are very exciting this year, but to make it complete what we really need is you!  We hope you'll come join us.  If this is your first WVMC foray, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  If you're an old friend, we look forward to seeing you again.

Please remember that your foray fees of $50.00 do not include meals or lodging.

Please bring your family.  Kids under the age of 8 or over the age of 80 attend for FREE!!

You can click on the secure Paypal links below to use your debit, credit card, or checking account to pay your foray fee.  None of the financial information you provide to Paypal is visible or obtainable by us and we wouldn't want to know it even if we could.  We have enough paperwork and record keeping to worry about as it is.

After paying, please click the link at the top of this page to download an Adobe typewriter enabled foray application.  You can follow the instructions on the form to type your information onto the form and then email the completed application back to us.  You can also print it and bring it with you to the foray.  Either way, it will save you time when at the registration table.

To purchase a WVMC 10th Anniversary T-Shirt using Paypal, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Foray Fees
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